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Our Commitment

At Holtec, we recruit highly capable professionals and through our meritocratic work culture, organizational experience & structured systems enable them in becoming industry-leading performers. Our large team of professionals, located in four offices in India and the UAE, comprise of highly qualified engineers (civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical & mining), geologists, strategy & market specialists, HR specialists, finance specialists, highway & bridges specialists, draftsmen, etc. It is because of the commitment of our team that we are able to deliver innovative & comprehensive solutions that typically exceed client expectations in our areas of operation, viz: Cement, Power, Highways & Bridges and Engineering Support & Detailing. 

Holtec offers its people an open work environment and each one is nurtured carefully so that they can develop a rewarding career with us. We have close knit teams from diverse backgrounds and experiences which come together to deliver the best solutions to our clients.

Our Track Record
Holtec represents 6,300+ person-years of consulting experience. Diverse expertise is made available to our clientele in the fields of geology & mining, multi-functional engineering, project management, environment, marketing, human resources, information, investment analysis, strategic planning and other competencies required for executing assignments.

Each and every Holtec professional is carefully chosen and nurtured so that he/ she can provide the highest levels of professional service. Regular training, both in India and abroad and frequent work on demanding international projects, provides our consultants with global exposure and thus attunes them towards delivering international levels of service quality.

Collaborations & Registrations
Holtec maintains active collaborations with a variety of international companies in order to source global business and share best consulting practices. Over a period of over three decades, it has enjoyed a close association with the Holcim Group of Switzerland, the undisputed world leaders in cement. Holtec also has project-to-project tie-ups with international consulting firms such as GHD Australia, CNG Consultants, etc. Additionally, Holtec maintains close relationships with several research laboratories, specialised technology companies, market research firms, investment firms and industry opinion leaders.

Holtec is registered with a variety of international bodies such as The World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the African Development Bank, the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development and several UN organizations. Domestically, it is registered with several bodies like the Ministry of Industry of the Government of India, all the principal development finance institutions, the National Highways Authority, etc. Holtec is also a member of the Confederation of Indian Industry and a founder member of the Consulting Engineers Association of India and the Consultancy Development Centre.

Information Technology & Database
Our state-of-the art IT resources in the form of hardware devices, software tools and communication infrastructure allow us to rapidly design, test and deploy new designs and concepts and maintain global databases. These also allow us to efficiently share information across our offices and with our clients.
By virtue of having executed 3,650+ consulting assignments in India and abroad and having worked with all major equipment suppliers both Indian and international, Holtec has developed an excellent database on:

  • Equipment suppliers/ contractors.
  • Equipment types and performance.
  • Plant Data (installations, consumption rates, operating costs, investments, manpower, etc.).
  • Raw Material Data (mineral concessions, characteristics of limestone deposits, correctives, blending materials, fuels, etc.) .
  • Market Data (logistics, prices, demands, market characteristics, competition, etc.).
  • Operating Conditions (climatic, seismic, soil, hydrology, environment, etc.).
  • Statute, legislation, incentives and taxation frameworks.

Our Values

  • We believe in Innovation: Given our global experience and information access, we have many 'firsts'' in terms of adopting new technologies, methods of project execution and effecting plant improvements. In addition, we have innovatively developed a vast repertoire of tools & techniques that find practical application in multi-functional consulting situations.
  • We believe in Integrated Solutions: We believe that most issues facing companies have multi-functional interfaces and can be solved by adopting a holistic approach. As a consulting practice therefore, we involve multi-functional teams in each individual consulting assignment, which enables us to deliver a comprehensive solution.
  • We believe in Implementation: Consulting history, especially in India, is replete with instances of solutions, which though theoretically sound, are extremely difficult to implement. We believe in hands-on process of implementation and it has invariably benefited our customers.
  • We believe in Benchmarking: A major strength of our consulting interventions is our ability to use national and international databases for performance benchmarking. This enables our customers to be aware of the best operating practices, worldwide.
  • We believe that Ownership of Solutions is Important: Since it is people who finally implement solutions, obtaining ownership is extremely critical. Our consulting process thus adopts the head plus heart approach. Head level acceptance of our solutions is ensured through hard core analysis and sound experiential logic. Heart level acceptance is invoked through process involvement, aimed at transmitting the imperative of change-from-within.
  • We believe in Doing-it-Together: Our consulting interventions steer clear of the we-they syndrome that often prevents clients and consultants from working synergistically. Our assignments, therefore, invariably commence with setting up a joint team, in which the respective strength domains of each member, are tapped to its full potential.