Product Quality Enhancement


Product quality enhancement can be achieved through optimization of raw mix design, fineness of raw materials, intermediate and final products and usage of performance enhancers. 

Coverage/ Methodology:

It involves:

  • Collection of plant design and operating data.
  • Collection and analysis of raw material & fuel data.
  • Collection of product portfolio and quality data.
  • Data collection for performance assessment of preblending & blending equipments .   
  • Particle size analysis for all the raw materials, fuel, clinker & cement.
  • Proximate & Ultimate analysis of fuels.
  • Cost of all the raw materials, fuels, alternate/waste materials.
  • Bench marking of product quality.
  • Assessment/formulation of quality assurance plan based on the bench marking of cement quality.  
  • Working out an optimum raw mix design to meet the clinker target quality as per the quality assurance plan, at the minimum cost.
  • Optimization of fineness of raw materials, intermediate & final products for improving the burnability and maintaining the target quality.  


Product quality enhancement will improve:

  • Product acceptability in the market.
  • Consistency in quality.
  • Reduce cost of production.
  • Increased profitability.