TEFS for Captive Power Plant


Objective of Techno-Economic Feasibility Study is to determine the technical and financial feasibility of the project, assess the risks associated with the project and enumerate imminent actions that are required to be taken. It helps a client get a detailed evaluation of a project


  • Visit to site and collection of data and freezing optimal size of power plant as per plant requirement.
  • Concept and major equipment and facilities to be installed in the plant.
  • Selection of site and location and preparing of layout.
  • Selection of equipment sizes and broad technical specifications of major items.
  • Requirement of auxiliary facilities such as fuel handling, water system and electrical system, ash handling, fire protection, comp. Air system, AC and Ventilation system etc.
  • Plant layout.
  • Process flow diagram and heat and mass balance.
  • Time schedule for project.
  • Hook up of TG sets in plant and electrical system and paralleling with grid, if required.
  • Estimate manpower requirement.
  • Capital cost including civil works.
  • Financial analysis.
  • To consider alternative options and analysis them on techno-economic and cost benefit grounds and recommendation for best option.
  • Preparation of bankable TEFS and submission of 6 copies and more copies on additional cost to be agreed mutually.
  • Collection of details regarding proposed funding of the project.
  • Project cost estimation, generation cost estimation, financial analysis, IRR, return on equity, DSCR calculation.


 Broad methodology of execution involves: 

  • Data collection.
  • Data analysis.
  • Report and Project formulation.


It helps a client make an investment decision based on:

  • Technical feasibility of the project.
  • Financial feasibility of the project.
  • Risks associated with the project.
  • Actions required for risk mitigation.