Highways & bridges constructed by Holtec consulting solutions

Holtec has designed National Highways, State Highways, other District and Village Roads, heavy-duty industrial roads, hill roads, haulage roads, link and approach roads, and residential roads.  These roads were designed and built to single-lane, two-lane, four-lane and six-lane specifications.  The company has also designed Expressways.  Additionally, Holtec has also engineered Flyovers, Elevated Roads, Interchanges, ROBs / RUBs.

Services offered by Holtec:

  • Engineering Survey and Investigations.
  • Hydrology.
  • Traffic Studies, Transportation Planning and Urban Planning.
  • Pavement Design and Embankment Design, Highway/ Expressway Design, Bridge/ Structure Design.
  • Land Acquisition Plan.
  • Environmental and Social Impact Study.
  • Tender Pre-engineering.
  • Road Safety Audit.
  • Economic & Financial Analysis.
  • Cost Estimate and Bid Document.
  • Preparation of detailed specifications of each activity to enable the work to be executed to the required standard of quality.
  • Construction planning, work schedules, planning of equipment and plants for construction activities including construction methodology and sequencing.
Pre project phase for highways & bridges - Holtec Consulting Solutions During pre-project phase various studies are carried out to ascertain the technical feasibility and financial viability of the proposed project. Traffic study and demand assessment help in pavement de..
Project phase of highways & bridges - Holtec Consulting Solutions During implementation stage detailed engineering surveys and investigations are undertaken to help in designing of the project. The improvement works required as per design standards are finalized an..
Operations phase of highways & bridges - Holtec Consulting Solutions In this phase we are fully responsible as Supervision Consultant and act as Engineer on behalf of our Clients. We are responsible for Quality Assurance, Quality Management, the Contract Management and..