Pollution Mitigation


Pollution Mitigation is assessment of existing pollution control measures in a plant with proposed mitigation measures.

Coverage/ Methodology:

It covers:

  • Collection of equipment design and operating data.
  • Carrying out process measurements of major dust collection equipments during steady operation of plant covering temperature, pressure, flow & dust.
  • Analysis of design and operating data to identify the shortfall in capacity of major dust collection equipments.
  • Assessing capacity of all the fugitive dust collection equipments to identify the shortfall in capacity.
  • Situation analysis and formulation of various alternatives for Environment Mitigation plans for improvement of emission levels in plant.
  • Carrying out the layout feasibility of the proposed addition/modifications.
  • Estimation of capital Investments of the proposed capacity enhancement measures.


Assessment study for pollution control measures effectively leads to reduction in dust emission levels of the plant.