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  • Highways & Bridges - Project References
Highways & Bridges - Project References
Holtec has designed heavy-duty industrial roads, hill roads, haulage roads, link and approach roads, and residential roads. The company has also designed earthen and un-surfaced village roads. Additionally, Holtec has also engineered high embankments, bridges, culverts, and drainage systems. This section gives a list of Highways & Bridges projects, executed by Holtec. It also showcases some of the projects undertaken by Holtec.

Experience & Capabilities:

  • Executed Highways & Bridges assignments for nearly 50 clients spread over 4 countries 
  • Executed 150+ Highways & Bridges assignments 
  • Countries covered: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Qatar

Showcased Projects:

  TAJ Expressway (8/6 Lane, 164 km, Access Controlled) connecting Greater Noida & Agra
  Design & Supervision of  Flyover (4 Lane) at mohakhali junction and road approach project in Dhaka