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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Holtec Consulting Private Limited, over the years, has evolved a mature philosophy about its social responsibilities. Our main objective is to contribute to economic development & social welfare by providing internationally-benchmarked, value-creating services at a fair price for both domestic and international customers and by conducting ourselves ethically. By doing the above consistently, the company generates employment, enhances human skill development, improves industrial productivity, enhances environmental sustainability, contributes to overall economic development and also generates profits, taxes on which support government spending on social needs as well as support the company’s direct/indirect expenditures on & its employees initiatives towards targeted social needs. Such needs include, but are not limited to eradicating poverty, promoting healthcare, education, sanitation, gender equality, environmental sustainability, and nationally-recognized/Olympic sports.

The Company’s CSR Policy shall be conformant with section 135, and modifications thereof, of the Companies Act, 2013, India.