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  HOLTEC provides an giving insight on Saudi Arabia's Cement Sector Jagdeep Verma2024
  HOLTEC provides an overview of India's cement sector Jagdeep Verma2023
  Holtec’s outlook on the Uganda Cement Market Jagdeep Verma2023
  Future of M&As in cement industry Jagdeep Verma2019
  Indian Cement Industry-A Perspective Jagdeep Verma2019
  Role of a Project Management Consultant (PMC) S K Gupta2019
  The Changes in Production, Technology, and What Comes Next? Ahmar Siddqui & Pankaj Sood2019
  Indian Cement Industry: Key ChallangesAnd Way-out Jagdeep Verma2019
  Project Management: Adopting the agile approach Sanjiv Varma2018
  Addressing the Impact of External Influences on Performance Outcome Saumen Karkun2018
  Indian Cement Industry Jagdeep Verma2017
  Acquiring to Grow Jagdeep Verma2016
  Process Optimisation and Retrofiting Kamal Kumar & Naiyar Azam2016
  Remote Monitoring Of Limestone Quarries - Case Studies in Africa, Middle East and India Saumen Karkun2016
  Indian Cement Industry - New Horizons Jagdeep Verma2015
  Riding On Construction Boom Jagdeep Verma2015
  Optimising Plant Utilization Kamal Kumar2015
  Advanced pyro processing systems have great role for upgrade & new plants Kamal Kumar2015
  Engineering Progress J K Singh & Sunny Mulchandani2015
  The Indian Cement Industry - Myths Vs Facts Jagdeep Verma2015
  PAT Scheme will facilitate in reducing the energy consumption level of the system Kamal Kumar2015
  Current Challenges and Opportunities in the Indian Cement Sector Saumen Karkun2015
  Improving Thermal Substitution By using Alternate Fuels In The Indian Cement Industry Kamal Kumar, Dinesh satija & Amit Gupta2014
  Adoption Of New Concepts In Material Handling In Cement & Other Mineral Industries J P Gupta & P K Mittal2014
  A Roadmap to Strategic Capacity Creation in KSA Saumen Karkun2014
  When less is more Kamal Kumar2013
  Maximizing Existing Potentials Kamal Kumar & Dinesh Satija2013
  Remote Quarry Management S S Rawat & P K Sarkar2013
  Improving Energy Efficiency Kamal Kumar & Dinesh Satija2013
  The Performance and Potential of Indian Cement Industry (Presented at INTERCEM) Jagdeep Verma2013
  Making the Most of Assets Jagdeep Verma2013
  Role of Cement Market Research in Strategy Formulation:A Recent Indian Case Experience Saumen Karkun2012
  Asset Management (Presented at Cemtech) Jagdeep Verma2012
  Thinking big S K Gupta & Rishi Raj2012
  In Conversation-Through the Eyes of an Engineering Consultant Saumen Karkun2012
  Quarry Optimisation S S Rawat & Sunayna Kalra2011
  Waste Heat Recovery Power Plants in Cement Industry S K Gupta and S K Kaul2011
  Adoptation of New Concept in Material Handling in Cement Industry Jai P Gupta and Rakesh Kalra2011
  Selection of Equipment and Project Engineering for Optimizing Civil and Structural Cost J K Singh, U K Mitra and Sunil Gupta2011
  In Conversation-Consultancy sector gains credit in the Indian Cement Industry Umesh Shrivastava2011
  Case Study: Opportunities in Capacity Creation - Western India Versus Coastal Africa Saumen Karkun2011
  Integrated Performance Enhancement in the Cement Industry Kamal Kumar, P Somarajan, Anupam2011
  Estimating the implications of Project Uncertainties Saumen Karkun2010
  Of Maslow & Herzberg (Published by AHRD, Ahmedabad) Saumen Karkun2009
  Understanding South & Central Asia and the future of cement engineering services (Interview by Cemweek, New York) Saumen Karkun2009
  Optimal Exploitation Of Raw Material Resources S S Rawat and Pradyut Sarkar2009
  The Indian Cement Market Survey and Investment Horizon Saumen Karkun & Jagdeep Verma2008
  Forecasting Retail Prices in the Indian Cement Industry Saumen Karkun and Rahul Kumar Sadhu2008
  Performance Enhancement Through Cost Optimisation P K Mittal, Kamal Kumar, S S Gupta, Dinesh Satija, Ajay Chaudhury2007
  From Concept To Completion-The City Cement Project Rajan Killikurussi, Avinash Nema2007
  Cutting Edge Technology Pilot Project - Gas Flow Measurement System for Cement Plant Optimisation Kamal Kumar2006
  A Talk With Umesh Shrivastava, CMD, Holtec Consulting Pvt Ltd 2006
  Holtec Entering 40th Year ......? Going Strong P K Mittal, Kapil Wahwan2006
  Portends Of The Indian Cement Industry – 2010 And Beyond Saumen Karkun and Shrinath Savoor2006
  Project Management - A Case Study S K Gupta & P K Dhingra2006
  Modern Processing Techniques to Minimize Cost In Cement Industry V K Batra, P K Mittal, Kamal Kumar, P N Chhangani2005
  Use of Pet-coke As An Alternate Fuel V K Batra, Kamal Kumar, P N Chhangani2005
  Plant Operation and Productivity Enhancement - A Case Study V K Batra, Kamal Kumar, P N Chhangani, P S Parihar2004
  Capacity Enhancement and Energy Conservation in Cement Industry V K Batra, P N Chhangani, Dinesh Satija, R B Garg2004
  Installation of Greenfield vs Brownfield Cement Plant V K Batra, Kamal Kumar2004
  Recipe For Setting Up Capacity In The Indian Cement Industry - Acquisition, Integrated Unit Or Split? Saumen Karkun2004
  Enhancing Profitability The Smart Way - Without Capex Saumen Karkun2004
  Environmental Regulations in Mining Projects Sunayna Kalra2003
  Cement Plant Optimization - An Effective Tool for Cost Optomization Kamal Kumar, P N Chhangani, R B Garg2003
  Product Mix Planning: A Case In Point To Enhance Realization Saumen Karkun2003
  White Cement Marketing And Promotion Saumen Karkun, Shrinath Savoor & Jagdeep Verma2003
  Strategy Building Through Market Research Saumen Karkun2002
  Enhancing The "Bottom-Line" In Production And Sales Saumen Karkun2001
  Selection Of Change Agents : A CBT- Based Approach Saumen Karkun and Neeraj Agarwal2000
  Value Creation in the Cement Industry : A Human Approach Saumen Karkun and Umesh Vyas1999
  Process Diagnostic Studies for Cement Mill Optimization - Case Study V K Batra, D Bhaskara Rao, Raju Goyal1998
  Operational Audit - An Effective Way Enhancement of of Plant Productivity and Savings In Energy Consumption P C Sogani, Kamal Kumar, P K Mittal1998
  Innovation in Energy Consumptions Kamal Kumar1998
  Development of High Performance Pozzolana Cements - Technological Options V K Batra, Kamal Kumar, A K Parashar1998
  Strategic Implications Of Customer Behaviour Saumen Karkun and Shrinath Savoor1998
  Newer Concepts In Project Formulation And Execution S K Gupta & A K Misra1998
  Managing Projects P C Sogani & S K Gupta1997
  Mechanical Stability of Cement Rotary Kilns to Prevent Brick Lining Failure G C Dalela, Raju Goyal, Kamal Kumar1996
  Modern Equipment In Cement Industry S K Gupta1996
  Fan Efficiency Assessment And Energy Conservation S K Gupta1993