Remote Plant Operations & Efficiency Monitoring


Day to day plant operation can be monitored in real time from a remote location using web based solution. Such approach can help the cement plant personnel to be in regular contact with a group of technical experts in Holtec for monitoring and improving the plant performance.

Coverage/ Methodology:

  • Detailed Plant Performance Audit is carried out by a team of experts from various disciplines.
  • The data collected during the performance audit serves as a baseline figure.
  • The plant operating data is linked to Holtec central office in Gurgaon (India), where a team of experts can regularly monitor, analyse and provide. feedback to resolve any issue being faced for improvements in plant operation.


It helps in:

  • Improved Plant Performance.
  • Regular and timely resolution of plant operation issues.
  • Overall improvement in plant production due to improved operations at peak performance.
  • Reduction in Thermal and Electric Energy Consumption.
  • Reduction in plant stoppages and breakdowns due to preventive actions well in advance.