Market Transparency


Market Transparency gives a clear understanding of the cement market for both a new player venturing into the industry, as well as an existing player. It is important to understand:

  • Market dynamics today and tomorrow, covering demand, supply, prices, competition, product mix, etc.
  • Cost structure in the industry.
  • Opportunities and threats.
  • Risks and mitigation measures.

Coverage/ Methodology

Depending upon the specific requirements, Market Transparency covers following:

  • Market Position
    • Demand - supply
    • Market shares
    • Dealer spread
    • Dealer network quality
    • Brand perception – by channel and end users
    • Price positioning as compared to other brands
  • Competitive Advantage
    • Brand equity
    • Market access advantage
    • Access to blending materials
  • Cost Structure
    • Raw Material cost
    • Power cost
    • Fuel cost
    • Manpower cost
    • Overheads
    • Overall cost of production
  • Business Forecast
    • Impact of expected developments in the region
    • Expected price trends
    • Volume forecast.


It helps an organization get:

  • a comprehensive service covering all aspects of cement market.
  • a balanced, integrated view of the industry.