Civil & Structural Assessment & Rehabilitation


In a growing and competitive industry like Cement, most of the existing plants go for modernization and capacity enhancement with reduced operations cost, which necessitates modifications/ rectifications/ additions to the existing civil structures requiring audit of structures and rehabilitation, if required.

Coverage/ Methodolgy:

Our civil and structural design experts with years of experience are capable of undertaking:

  • Structural audits.
  • Rectification of structures in distress.
  • Enhancement/ optimization of load bearing capacity of substara & the structures.
  • Prompt solutions for modification of building for changed conditions.


Our expertise in the field provides utmost satisfaction and benefits to our customer.

  • Innovative and cost effective solutions.
  • Minimum downtime of plant operations.
  • Consistent quality and high reliability through our ISO 9001 Quality System.
  • Fully automated CAD and online resource management system for detailing of drawings.
  • Modern design analysis softwares like STAAD.PRO, Revit, RebarCAD etc.