On-line Plant Analytics

'Online Plant Analytics'(OPA), a state-of-the-art Industrial Big-Data Service, is a unique initiative targeted at establishing an IT-enabled, expertise-supported platform to facilitate integrated cement plants and grinding units, to realise their performance aspirations and partnering them in effecting continuous improvement in the areas of Operational Performance & Reliability.

Deliverables include:

  • On-line monitoring & reporting of performance related to key Operational & Reliability parameters; reporting is continuous, customized to address the information needs of different management levels and is made available on desktops,  as well as, hand-held devices
  • Realising performance optimization, under dynamic input conditions, through collaborative action derived from an analysis of past data employing advanced analytical techniques & tools.
  • Providing a collaborative e-platform to address the changing operational concerns of the manufacturing unit.

 Activities in the Delivery process include:

  • Setting of improvement targets based on past/ on-going operation, through an initial plant audit
  • Establishing, a secure on-line platform to acquire raw data from the Plant DCS
  • Deriving intervention action  to improve performance and overcome operational bottlenecks through the use of deep data analysis
  • Collaboratively implementing intervention action employing Plant scale trials, wherever necessary
  • Tracking the impact of the implementation action launched and making course corrections, as required.

 Areas of Measurable Benefits, tangible & intangible, include, but are not limited to:

  • Process Stability & Reduction in Process Failures
  • System Reliability including Reduction in Equipment Failures & Increase in Equipment Availability
  • Consistency in Product Quality
  • Reduction in Manufacturing Costs through the optimization of its constituting elements
  • Exposure of the plant’s O & M team to technical developments and their customized application.