Construction Supervision for Operation & Maintenance


In the Construction Supervision for O&M (Operation and Maintenance) projects, we are fully responsible as Supervision Consultant and act as Engineer on behalf of our clients.

Coverage/  Methodology:

Construction Supervision for O&M projects covers:

  • Quality Management
    • Review of the technical specifications and design parameter.
    • Review of construction methodology.
    • Evolve comprehensive quality assurance system.
    • Establish and approve quality of materials and sources of materials.
    • Oversee contractors resources for construction work.
    • Inspect and control workmanship.
    • Maintain record of all tests carried out.
  • Quantity Management
    • Review of the BOQ.
    • Review of the drawings with respect to quantity provision/ execution.
    • Establish quantity assurance system for recording and certifying measurement of works.
    • Exercise checking the quantity and quality of work done.
    • Certification of bill of work done.
    • Advise on variations, claims, etc.
    • Inspect work on substantial completion.
    • List outstanding work for defect liability period.
    • Advise Project Implementation Unit during arbitration proceedings, if any.
  • Contract Management
    • Understand the contractual arrangement between the employer and the contractor.
    • Act as “Engineer” for the purpose of civil work contract.
    • Review and suggest modifications to the construction planning, methodology and implementation schedule of the contractor.
    • Evolve and establish construction supervision system.
    • Coordinate with the Employer so as to enable timely initiation of the work for site handing over, shifting utilities, etc.
    • Ensure contract compliance by the contractor.
    • Provide interpretation of technical specifications.
    • Provide interpretation of contract provisions.
    • Review and issue detailed drawings, as required.
    • Approve contractor’s working drawings.
    • Record progress of work.
    • Assist the department to issue variation orders.
    • Assist the department to settle the contractor's claims.
    • Ensure quality (covered under quantity and quality framework).
    • Substantial completion.
    • Defect liability period.
    • Certify “As Constructed Drawings”.
  • Reporting and Documentation
    • Monitoring progress of the work.
    • Prepare monthly progress report.
    • Prepare quarterly progress report.
    • Issue Periodic Reports when required.
    • Report on substantial completion.
    • Verify and correct as-built drawings.


It helps our clients in ensuring hassle free and quality execution of O&M projects.