Management Information System



Management Information System is important for efficient flow and use of information in an organization. Management Information System service provided by Holtec includes an MIS design with cross functional consolidation of analyzed information to facilitate planning, querying and reporting. It helps a company in organizing its data.

Coverage/ Methodology:

Management Information System design includes:

  • Blue print for the strategic use of information technology to enhance responsiveness and effectiveness of the organization.
  • Designing of the outputs (reports and queries) and input forms.
  • Designing for flow of information across the organization structure.
  • Helping our clients in implementing the computer information management system so that all functions and departments of the organization are effectively and efficiently integrated in the system.


It helps a company:

  • To efficiently capture and use the information.
  • In decision making.
  • In obtaining better coordination and control within the organization.
  • Increase the work efficiency of the organization by giving easy access to the information.
  • In automating managerial processes.