Field Services in Construction, Erection & Commissioning


On Site Field services are specialized supervisory services rendered by functional experts in the multi discipline domain for installation of cement plant in a cohesive manner.

Engineers specializing in civil construction, structural fabrication and equipment erection provide designer supervision during the implementation phase of the project. They, additionally, assist in start-up and plant commissioning by ensuring that individual items of plant and machinery and the department/ plant as a whole, meet performance criteria as laid down in the specifications, both qualitatively and quantitatively.


  • Provide designer’s supervision for the construction of plant foundations, buildings and structures as per HOLTEC's civil construction drawings.
  • Provide Designers' supervision for the site fabrication and erection of all main and auxiliary machinery and equipment by the contractors/erectors to ensure smooth execution of the project.
  • Supervise the commissioning of individual machinery/departments and plant as a whole.
  • Ensure that the plant and machinery individual unit-wise, department-wise and total system-wise, meet the performance criteria both qualitatively and quantitatively as laid down in the specifications.
  • Follow-up and evaluate progress of civil construction, mechanical erection and electrical/ instrumentation installation work.
  • Recommendation for remedial measures to be taken in case of unforeseen deviations from the agreed schedules.
  • Review field modifications and changes requested by the general contractor and advice on changes to be effected.
  • Final check of all works upon completion and issuing of deficiency lists and pertinent completion certificates.
  • Inspection, observation and monitoring of the results of construction tests such as concrete, soil, electrical, pipe pressure tests, structural steel welding test, etc.
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Civil Works Construction    
Mechanical Erection  
Electrical Installation    
C&I Installation  
Performance Testing


Our functional experts are deputed on site.


Following benefits could be derived from this service:

  • Having On Board high caliber functional expert for required duration of project implementation.
  • Cross linkage for function and cement plant process for elements of plant machinery are effectively resolved by an integrated multi disciplinary team of Holtec.
  • Resolution of conflicts between different suppliers and site contractors are cohesively resolved by strong back office support of design engineers.