Geo-Technical Investigation


In a cement plant there are a large number of tall and heavy structures and equipment with heavy and large foundations. Our experts conduct detailed geo-technical investigations at project sites in order to accurately assess the safe bearing capacity, settlement behaviour and dynamic properties of sub-soil strata which are imperative in the economic and safe design of foundations and structures.

Coverage/ Methodology:

Our experts decide the field/ laboratory tests to be conducted based on their knowledge of expected loadings on the foundations, geology, terrain etc. of the proposed plant area including providing:

  • Test specifications.
  • Tender Document/ Evaluation for field/ laboratory tests.
  • Recommendation for selection of competent agency.
  • Supervision/ guidance for field/ laboratory tests.
  • Elimination of possibilities of shortcomings during tests.

The preliminary report, test results, recommendations of the agency are thoroughly scrutinized by our experts on the subject and the required information like safe bearing capacity, settlement behaviour, precautions required during and after construction etc. are arrived at in close co-ordination with the agency. The final report of the investigation is approved by our experts for its use in civil design of structures.


A good/ informative Geo-Technical report helps in :

  • Economical foundation design.
  • Elimination of possibility of problems during operation of the plant due to settlement, vibration problem for machine foundations.
  • Adequate safety against leakage due to water table.
  • Suggestions/ recommendations for the most suitable/ economical backfilling material in foundations, floors etc.