Strategic Human Resource Development Services


Technological changes in cement companies, when accompanied by a synergistic transformation in the traditionally evolved Human Resources function, results in preparing the organizations for performing optimally in a fast changing environment. 

Strategic HRD Services are designed to assist a client reap the real benefits of modernization by instituting need based changes in the different HRD components of the  company and developing the organization’s most valuable asset - the Human Resources.

Coverage/ Methodology:

Strategic HRD Services spans the complete range of services elaborated below:

  • An in-depth assessment of the personnel proficiency and productivity is made and compared with regional and international norms derived from Holtec’s database.
  • An audit is performed to analyze
    • The Organization Structure and the degree to which it facilitates various organizational processes like decision making, communication, control, personnel efficiency and synergy.
    • The quality of manpower by appraising the attitudes, knowledge and skills of personnel at different hierarchical levels. This is done by a cross-functional team well versed in cement technology.
    • Various HR Systems like recruitment, promotion, potential analysis, performance standards, performance appraisal, incentives/ rewards, career planning and personnel information systems.
    • The training organization, systems, departmental coverage, methodology and facilities.
    • The external influences on the HR function by agencies like unions, training institutions, other producers, suppliers etc.
  • HR related needs are identified on the basis of where you are and where you want to be.
  • Available options are evaluated to maximize benefits and minimize risks.
  • Strategic Action Plans are formulated outlining actions, objectives, benefits, risks, assumptions, preconditions, support required, control and responsibility levels, time schedule and activities. The action plans cover the following:
    • Overall plan to facilitate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of change.
    • Restructuring plan for realization of corporate objectives
    • Identifying the optimum number of people required to run the plant and a Manpower Plan to achieve the same.
    • Plan for reorienting HR systems to elicit desirable behavior from the people.
    • Plan for designing the training function to make it cost-effective and result-oriented.
    • Means of strengthening external linkages.


It helps to:

  • decrease manpower cost.
  • increase employee satisfaction and thus, retention.
  • enhance the contribution of manpower towards organization goals.