RMC Performance Enhancement


While, poor returns and low capacity utilization may be due to adverse environmental factors such as stagnant demand, we believe that the performance of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) plants is often constrained by existing operating practices. The performance enhancement service is aimed at streamlining these and can be used to significantly enhance bottom line results.

Coverage/ Methodology:

The scope of this assignment would span the complete range of operations as elaborated below:


  • Assessing sourcing of raw materials, consumables and other materials.
  • Assessing inventory policies and management.
  • Suggesting ways to reduce material costs.


  • Assessing the technology and manufacturing process being used by the plant on the basis of technological contemporaries, cost and environmental issues.
  • Assessing the capacities, performance and condition of production and distribution equipment (pumps and mixers) with respect to current and future duty requirements.
  • Assessing the components of plant engineering such as plant layout and flow-sheet, equipment sizing, storage capacities and utilities (power distribution, water supply, air supply, and oil handling system).
  • Assessing the operating practices with respect to product mix.
  • Assessing staff deployment in various production related functions.
  • Assessing the adequacy of systems related to decision-making, quality control, maintenance, etc.
  • Assessing the consumption rates and key performance indicators and comparing these to international benchmarks for improvement.
  • Specifying strategies to enhance the performance, including operational de-bottlenecking, system improvements, enhancing product and service quality, and improving consumption rates and key performance indicators.

Marketing & Distribution

  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the current marketing operations with special emphasis on geographic coverage, product mix, pricing policy positioning, distribution, transportation logistics, advertising and promotion, customer segments, selling procedures, marketing organisation, sales and marketing information system etc.
  • Analysing trends and patterns of demand, supply and movement of RMC.
  • Assessing the external market situation in terms of competition and moves being made by competitors.
  • Specifying strategies to improve market penetration in terms of geographic coverage and customer segmentation.
  • Specifying strategies to build customer awareness and conversion to RMC.
  • Specifying ways to improve promotion and frontline selling by the company.
  • Identifying bottlenecks in distribution and suggest possible solutions.

The assignment would entail the following activities:

  • Situation Analysis which comprises of data collection and data analysis.
  • Strategy Formulation which covers performance enhancement strategy and action plans for the proposed strategy.


RMC Performance enhancement service helps in maximizing revenues, optimizing costs and smoothening operations.