Detailed Engineering Studies


Typically after finalization of project road alignment/ re-alignment, a Detailed Engineering Study is carried out. This is undertaken to finalize the improvement work required as per the Design Standards on the existing roads/ design of various components of the new road alignment.

Coverage/  Methodology:

Detailed Engineering Study covers:

  • Finalization of Design Standards.
  • Analysis of traffic data and forecast of traffic.
  • Identification of homogenous links.
  • Pavement (type) option study.
  • Detailed design of road, pavement, high embankment and culverts.
  • Detailed design of junctions, service road.
  • Detailed design of bridges and structures including detailed General Arrangement Drawings.
  • Detailed design of intersection, layouts.
  • Traffic safety features, road furniture, road signs/ marking.
  • Detailed drawings and technical specifications.
  • Cost estimate.
  • Economic analysis.
  • Safety audit.


Detailed Engineering Study is used to prepare the Detailed Project Report which is further used for project execution/ implementation.