Review Engineering


Review engineering service is a value engineering service by domain experts with vast project, plant engineering & operational experience.


Basic Design

  • Examining and commenting on the basic design data, codes of practice and standards which the civil engineering designer intends to use and to advise the client and give all necessary approvals with respect to the above, having taken into account the relevant Yemeni regulations.
  • Checking and approving of arrangement drawings.
  • Checking and approving of the basic arrangement and concepts for civil works and building structures.
  • Checking and approving of basic arrangements for site development work.
  • Checking and approving of the technical content of specification and drawings, making any necessary recommendations, for improvements or modifications.
  • Checking and approving of basic process concept and flow charts.
  • Checking and approving of electrical distribution and control diagrams.
  • Checking and approving of electronic process control and instrumentation concepts.


  • Checking and approving of basic design and calculations for dimensioning of mechanical equipment & installations.
  • Examining & approving of the equipment & final plant detailed specifications & all detailed drawings of plant which are likely to lead to operational difficulties.
  • Checking and approving of diagrams for distribution of water and compressed air.
  • Checking and approving of drawings & arrangements for compatibility with electrical & civil design.
  • Checking & approving that the equipment of the plant is in accordance with the contactor’s specification.


  • Checking & approving of basic parameters.
  • Checking & approving of basic calculations for concept & dimensioning of electric systems & equipment.
  • Control of general arrangements, drawings & diagrams for conformity with specifications, norms & general project concept.
  • Checking & approving of arrangements and drawings for compatibility with mechanical & civil design.

Instrumentation & Control:

  • Checking & approving of basic calculations & concepts for instrumentation & control system.
  • Control of systems arrangements drawings & diagrams for conformity with specification, norms and general requirements.
  • Checking & approving of arrangements & drawings for compatibility with mechanical, electrical & civil design.


  • Checking and approving the design of major and critical structures with reference to the suitability for the proposed loads/ usage.
  • Checking & approving of civil arrangements drawings for conformity with specifications, norms & general arrangements.
  • Checking & approving of civil arrangement drawings for compatibility with mechanical & electrical design.
  • Elaboration of design modification proposals to the general contractor to improve the submitted arrangement where necessary.
  • Inspections and spot checks at general contractor’s workshop for compliance of his work with the specifications and delivery schedule.
  • Providing the required home office support to the Project Management Consultant’s personnel delegated to the site.

Approval of drawings and Technical Documentation with reference to the following:

Coverage Greenfield Brownfield Modernization Rehabilitation
Engineering Standards    
Contract Conformance  
Erection Requirements    
O&M Consideration  
Cost Optimization    


It involves:

  • Forming cross functional dedicated engineering review team at head office.
  • Extensive interaction with client & suppliers.


It helps in third party review and check.