Geological Reconnaissance Surveys


Objective of Geological Reconnaissance Survey is to conduct a geological reconnaissance of an area for assessment and establishment of the likely available reserves and quality of limestone. This study is generally carried out for filing of Prospecting License (PL) / Mining Lease (ML) application.


It covers:

  • Geology of the area(s).
  • Estimation of reserves/ quality as per United Nations Framework Classification (UNFC) classification.
  • Evaluation of deposit on 100 point scale for following major parameters:
    • Reserves
    • Quality
    • Recovery ratio
    • Depositional character
    • Aqcuirability
    • Infrastructure


Broad methodology for Geological Reconnaissance Survey involves:

  • Appraisal and study of data.
  • Geological Reconnaissance of the area.
  • Preparation of Geological Reconnaissance Report.


It helps an investor:

  • Assess the potential of deposit(s).
  • Comparatively evaluate and choose the most preferred deposit.