Engineering Services for WHR based power plant

The conservation of energy is an essential requirement of the day.  In addition, perpetual increase in energy prices force Engineers and Technologists to utilise available ways and means for conservation of depleting fossil fuels and to adopt possible means of saving energy, which otherwise go un-arrested/un-used in the all industry.  

 The issues faced by the industry include:-

  • High and volatile cost of fuel and consequent higher energy costs (thermal and electrical).
  • Conservation of fossil fuels and preparing for green tomorrow.
  • Increase in carbon-dioxide emission resulting in global warming.
  • Reduction in dependence on utility power.

Cement industry is energy intensive and there is a huge potential for energy conservation, leading to adoption of WHR based power plant as a standard add-on for cement plants.


Our construction procedure for WHR power plant covers:-

  • Basic Engineering.
  • Procurement.
  • Detailed Engineering.
  • Civil and structural construction.
  • Equipments Installation.
  • Commissioning & stable operation.


  • Installation of WHR Power plant in a cement plant becomes an integral part of the combined operation, hence it needs careful handling.
  • The installation of the waste heat recovery plant must be tackled as a systems approach, rather than considering cement plant and WHRS operations independently.
  • Desk study of available data/ report.
  • Site Visit by a multi disciplinary team.
  • Kick-off meeting.
  • Initiating field studies for project implementation.


  • WHR Power plant can meet more than 25% of plant’s power demand.
  • Power produced by WHR power plant is green power and helps in avoiding degradation of environment.
  • Installation of WHR power plant in cement industry offers an avenue for energy optimization and saving.