Engineering Services for Captive Power Plant


Holtec specializes in all types of fossil fuels based captive power plants  covering:

  • Steam, gas turbine and combined cycle power plants.
  • Coal fired power plants.
  • Diesel engine power plants.
  • Gas engine power plants.

Holtec has vast experience and expertise in the design of Power plants sector covering multitudes of  fossil fuels such as Coal, Lignite, Pet coke Gas , heavy & light oils, crude oils, diesel etc.


Basic Engineering Services

  • Selection of Power Plant fuel.
  • Selection of type and size equipment.
  • Selection of size and type of power plant fuel storage handling system.
  • Ash handling system.
  • Cooling system.
  • Selection of size and type of various auxiliary/equipments.
  • Conceptualization of power evacuation system and power distribution system.
  • Conceptualization of instrumentation and controls requirements.
  • Conceptualization of  civil and structural works requirement for the various components.

Procurement Assistance

  • Floating for enquiries to selected bidders.
  • Bid analysis (technical and commercial).
  • Purchase recommendation.
  • Preparation of contract document.
  • Procurement schedules and cost estimates.
  • Hazard and operatibility (HAZOP) study.
  • Technical assistance to meet statutory requirements including drawings and documents.

Detailed Engineering Services : Mechanical

  • Plot plan and equipment layout for various buildings and areas.
  • Selection and specifications of power plant equipments like:-
    • Steam generator and auxiliaries.
    • Steam turbine generator and auxiliaries.
    • Gas turbine generator and auxiliaries.
    • Gas engine generator and auxiliaries, diesel engine generators and auxiliaries.
  • Design and specification of fuel storage and handling system.
  • Design and specification of ash handling storage and handling system.
  • Design and specification of water system, compressed air system, HVAC system, miscellaneous material handling system.
  • Design P&I diagrams for feed water, steam and condensate system, various water systems, cooling water system, fuel handling, raw water and water treatment system.
  • Piping design and drawings including piping material specifications, layout drawings, isometrics, stress analysis, bill of materials, pipe supports etc.
  • Design specifications for fire protection equipments/ systems.
  • Review of vendor drawings.

Detailed Engineering Services : Electrical

  • Design of power evacuation system.
  • Estimation of auxiliary power (Normal and Emergency).
  • Design of high tension and low tension power distribution system.
  • Design/ sizing and specification of electrical equipments like transformers, switchgear (HT & LT) cables, lighting fittings etc.
  • Electrical system study including relay coordination.
  • Design and specification of variable speed drives for special applications.
  • Design and specifications of various services systems like plant communication, fire alarm and detection.
  • System study of electrical system.
  • Review of electrical drawings.

Detailed Engineering Services:Control & Instrumentation

  • Design and specifications for instrumentation and control system including DCS.
  • Review of C&I drawings.

Architectural, Civil and Structural

  • Architectural, civil and structural design including estimation of quantities for tender document, tender document for civil and structural works, plot development, drawings for statutory approvals and construction drawings for all buildings/ areas.
  • Detailed civil engineering for complete power plant.

Inspection and Expediting Services

  • Review of Quality Assurance Plans.
  • Visiting vendor’s works for inspection and expediting.
  • Inspection and expediting reports.

Construction and Commissioning Supervision Services

         Complete site supervision and management by deputing competent Project Manager/Construction Manager and supporting staff at site. 
         The responsibilities include:

  • Quality of construction/ erection works.
  • Planning and controlling construction/ erection works to meet the project schedule.
  • Reporting site progress to design office with short falls, if any, and corrective measures.

Commissioning Support

  • Start up and commissioning assistance.
  • Site performance test.
  • Trouble shooting.


It involves:

  • Desk study of available data/ report.
  • Site Visit by a multi disciplinary team.
  • Kick-off meeting.
  • Initiating field studies for project implementation.


  • Cost effective solutions.
  • Utilization of ash for cement production.
  • Availability of power is not a constraint. In case of utility grid, interruption due to shortfall (seasonal) is expected across the country.
  • Uniformity in Power Quality.