Capacity Balancing/ Enhancement


Capacity enhancement is to increase the capacity of a plant by utilizing the hidden potential of all the major equipments through:

  • Capacity evaluation, balancing and identifying the potential capacity of all the major equipments.
  • Addition of minimum number of equipments for meeting the shortfall in capacity.
  • Balancing of equipment by modifications as far as possible within the existing equipments only.
  • Minimum modifications in the existing equipments to the extent possible.
  • Minimum plant shutdown.
  • All the essential performance improvement, safety, pollution control and infrastructure improvement measures to be included.

Coverage/ Methodology:

It covers:

  • Collection of plant data and interaction with plant personnel.
  • Carrying out process measurements during steady operation of plant covering temperature, pressure, flow & power.
  • Analysis of plant design and operating data to identify the potential capacity major equipments.
  • Carrying out capacity balancing of all the major equipments to identify the shortfall/ surplus.
  • Situation analysis and formulation of various alternatives for upgradation of plant capacity.
  • Carrying out mass gas and heat balancing of Pyro section.
  • Finding out efficiency of all the process fans.
  • Recommendation of measures for improvement of plant operations.
  • Carrying out the Layout feasibility of the proposed addition/modifications.
  • Preparation of General arrangement drawings for the proposed addition/modifications.
  • Estimation of Capital Investments of the proposed capacity enhancement measures.
  • Estimation of Return on investment in terms of Simple Payback period.


Plant Capacity enhancement study will lead to:

  • Increased production capacity at the minimum cost.
  • Increased market share of the company.
  • Reduced cost of production.
  • Increased profitability.