Site Identification


Objective of Site Identification Study is to identify suitable site(s) to sustain an envisaged capacity cement plant. This is a macro-level study that broadly demarcates the potential area bearing major raw materials for cement manufacture. The study also broadly considers aspects like market potential, infrastructural facilities, fuel availability etc. for selecting the most suitable site.

Coverage/ Methodology :

It covers:

  • Desk Study.
  • Site Visit by geologist/ mining expert : A comparative evaluation of various possible sites is carried out considering the following aspects:
    • Limestone Reserves, quality and mineability.
    • Status of Prospecting License (PL) / Mining Lease (ML).
    • Infrastructural facilities such as land availability, rail and road network, availability of power, water and fuel.
    • Availability of corrective materials.
    • Environmental aspects.
    • Suggest suitable area around the selected deposit for plant location.


It helps an investor identify the most suitable location for establishment of a cement plant.