Mine Scheduling & Optimization


To ensure proper exploitation of minerals from the mines, minimizing costs and maximising deposit life; mines scheduling is carried out by our geologists & mining engineers using contemporary software platforms, successfully implemented in over 60 large cement plants across the world.

Mine Scheduling and Optimization involves use of Computer Aided Deposit Evaluation (CADE) and Quarry Scheduling Optimization (QSO) to plan most optimal mining schedules.


This service covers:

  • Assessment of errors in estimates for various estimations of assay values.
  • Preparation of Isopleth and thickness maps for selected grades.
  • Preparation of grade/ tonnage tables for Mineral Reserves.
  • Preparation of block maps to depict the slice plans of quality.
  • Formulation of block-wise mining schedule.
  • Working out the economics of operations.


The following methodology is adopted in executing Mine Scheduling Optimization:

Part I: Preparation of Drill Hole Data Base (DHDB)
Part II: Deposit Block Model (DBM)
Part III: Quarry Scheduling & Optimisation (QSO)


It helps an investor:

  • Achieve enhanced knowledge of the deposit and ensure its optimum utilisation.
  • Ensure homogenized product quality and extend deposit life.
  • Ensure cost effective mining operations.
  • Prepare most optimal yearly/ monthly/ weekly mining schedules for effective production planning.