Project Planning & Monitoring


Project Planning, Monitoring and Progress Reporting is a super specialty service rendered by an integrated team of high caliber managers and engineers with domain knowledge of cement plant construction & project implementation. Uniqueness of service being blending of experience for On-Site plant construction activities and expertise of engineers with sound IT skills.

Having engineered over 180+ cement projects in the turnkey, semi-turnkey and shopping modes, our project management team is fully equipped to identify, plan and monitor critical project activities which most influence completion schedules. Latest software tools are effectively used to exception - report project progress and recommend suitable corrective action.



  • Receive and review the schedule of various agencies and discuss with them areas of mismatch to get the individual schedules that are matching for smooth execution of the project. 
  • Prepare Master schedule for the project implementation, based on the defined time line of respective contracts. 
  • Hold a kick off meeting with all agencies to discuss and finalise the responsibility of each agency for providing progress inputs and their frequency. 
  • Prepare baseline monthly, quarterly and annual cash flow schedules, based on agreed contracts with various agencies. 
  • Prepare document flow charts and document control schedules for the project.

Monitor & Control

  • Receive input from each agency on agreed frequency and match them with site progress, where applicable. The Client shall insure incorporation of a suitable clause in contracts of all agencies to ensure adherence and availability of the inputs. This is the key for success of the project. 
  • Monitor project progress on time, physical completion (S Curve) and earned money value dimensions. Monitoring will be with respect to baseline schedules & plan developed for the project. 
  • Analyse emerging “key Issues” and suggest “remedial measure”. 
  • Control shall be by periodic coordination meetings viz weekly site meetings, monthly project meetings and quarterly management meetings. 


  • Reporting deliberations and outcomes of various meetings (in form of MOM’s). 
  • Reporting Project Progress in form of Monthly Progress Report. 
  • Issue Payment Certificates after reconciliation with progress of work.
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Under this service, we cover:

  • Evolution of work breakdown structure.
  • Enumeration of activities & logical linkages.
  • Preparation of Project Plan on high end computerized platform (Primavera).
  • Project scheduling by domain experts.
  • Monitoring & schedule updating from both office & site.
  • Data Processing, Program Analysis & What-If Analysis.
  • Reporting (Dashboard & Detailed).
  • Evolving Mitigative Measures.


  • Project Planning by Domain experts both in terms of cement plant requirements as well as global construction practices.
  • Field monitoring by functional engineers in conjunction with high utilization of contemporary computerized tools.
  • Program analysis outcomes assessed by senior domain experts to evolve mitigative measures.