Manpower Planning & Human Resource Systems


Manpower Planning and Human Resource Systems study is the process of managing people in organizations in a structured and thorough manner. This covers the fields of staffing (hiring people), retention of people, pay and perks setting and management, performance management and change management. It helps a company plan its manpower requirement and define HR systems.

Coverage/ Methodology:

Human Resource (HR) is the most important asset for an organization. Organizations need efficient HR strategy to ensure that the organization achieves its strategic goals by attracting, retaining and developing employees. The services offered cover:

  • Designing of organization structure.
  • Manpower Planning: this includes headcount and performance indicators. Complete job descriptions are also drawn which covers duties and responsibilities, performance indicators for a position, required qualifications of candidates, and reporting relationships.
  • HR Systems: The HR systems are basically instituted in order to elicit desired forms of employee behaviour. This involves two steps:
    • In the first step based on the organization the desirable Organisational Behaviours are identified and which are then used for prioritizing and designing HR systems.
    • A blue print of HR Systems is developed based on parameters like Decision Support, Role Fulfillment, System Integration, Reliability, Documentation, Comprehensivity, Time, Ease, Versatility and Developmental Orientation.
  • Training: This component of Holtec’s HR intervention attempts to design a Training Function appropriately geared towards achieving the following objectives:
    • Make training demand-driven and cost-effective.
    • Increase result-orientation and effectiveness of training systems.
    • Develop internal resources for training.
    • Streamline the training organization.


It helps in:

  • Ensuring availability of human resource.
  • Designing an efficient organization structure.
  • Ensuring high human resource contribution in achievement of organization goals like production, sales, etc.