Remote Mine Operations & Efficiency Monitoring


The objective of Remote Mine Operations & Efficiency Monitoring is to:

  • Weekly monitor mine advancement.
  • Guide and suggest optimum extraction technique on a weekly basis.
  • Ensure uninterrupted supply of desired quality and quantity raw material.
  • Provide flexibility in mining operations.
  • Longevity of mine life.
  • Save production cost.
  • Avoidance of expert visits saving time and cost.

Coverage/ Methodology:

It involves:

  • Identifying the area for yearly, quarterly and monthly mining operations based on Quarry Scheduling over Deposit Block Model.
  • Further, zeroing down to two alternatives identifying areas suitable for one week’s mining operations.
  • Carrying out blast hole drilling and sampling.
  • Collecting feedback drilling data and revise a part of the Block Model on Quarterly basis, if required.


It helps in:

  • Day-to-day supervision and monitoring of mining operations from a distant location which is economical and also overcomes logistic problems.
  • Real time analysis and data updation which provides instantaneous solutions and their modifications in a scientific and practical manner which is a true representation of the actual ground conditions.
  • Reduction in cost, by optimal use of mining equipment.
  • Optimal quarry management, by reducing total material handling.
  • Blending of usable material resulting in cost saving and longevity of resource.
  • Monitoring on a daily basis which enables flexible operations to suit fluctuations in end user requirements.