Brand Perception Survey


The primary objective of this Brand Perception Survey is to map the current perceptions of the cement brands of the client vis-à-vis the principal competitor in each market proposed to be surveyed.  

Coverage/ Methodology:

Brand Perception survey is done through:

  • Understanding the determinants of brand perception in target markets.
  • Measuring these determinants and the overall brand Perception, thereof.
  • Benchmarking these with one principal competitor in each market.

Broad methodology adopted is as under:

  • Desk Study
    • Secondary data analysis.
    • Survey plan.
    • Questionnaire design.
  • Field Research
    • Research would be with the help of a Market Research agency.
    • Market visits, to key centres would also be carried out by Holtec’s market specialists. The dual purpose for these would be field supervision of Agency staff as well as to obtain a corroborative market feel.
  • Data Analysis and Brand Perception Survey Report

The data collected will be appropriately analyzed using parametric as well as non-parametric statistical tools/ techniques. The analysis outcomes would then be suitably integrated to give:

  • Determinants of Brand Perception and the respective weightages thereof, in different segments.
  • Brand Perception Mapping for each Determinant, using the Continuum Mapping/ Configuration Analysis Models.
  • An overall Brand Perception Index using the Determinants and their respective weightages.


It helps a company to understand the perception of the market of its own brand vis-à-vis that of its competitors and in repositioning its brand in order to maximize returns.