Equipment Inspection


Equipment Inspection services are specialized services delivered at manufacturing workshops of suppliers/sub suppliers by the experts with functional domain knowledge.

Correction at the workshop itself is the basic philosophy pursued by our inspection specialists, employing stringent quality standards, to save precious time during erection and commissioning.


  • Provide inspection services for some identified important machinery and equipment through independent agencies , as part ofoverall order for the machinery and equipment.
  • Undertake inspection of identified major and critical machinery and equipment at manufacturers' works including test runs to ensure high workmanship.
  • Approve QAP of the manufacturers at the start.
  • Review and approve internal test reports of suppliers for non critical items and clear them for dispatch.
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Quality Assurance Plan    
Manufacturing Standard  
Visual Inspection    
Dimensional Checks  
Non Destructive Test    
Contract Conformance
No-load Testing    


Under this service, we cover:

  • Review & Approval of equipment specific Quality Assurance Plan’s (QAP’s).
  • Carrying out equipment inspection at supplier/sub-supplier’s works by qualified inspection personnel/functional engineers.
  • Assessment & Evaluation of Supplier’s/sub-supplier’s Quality Control documents & records.
  • Independent assessment of Non Destructive Tests (NDT’s) at supplier’s/sub-supplier’s premises.
  • Independent assessment of running tests and/or pre assemblies at supplier’s/sub-supplier’s works.


Availability of skilled & trained experts with domain knowledge has always benefited our clients.