Construction Supervision


In the Construction Supervision assignments, the consultant is fully responsible as supervising consultant to oversee the project during its complete implementation phase.

Coverage/  Methodology:

Objective of construction supervision is:

  • Contract Management: To advise and assist our clients in the administration and management of contracts and act as “Engineer” for the purpose of all works forming part of the contract.
  • Quality Assurance: To evolve and implement a system to ensure that high quality construction is achieved and all works are carried out in compliance with the engineering design, technical specifications and other contract documents. Regular inspection of contractor’s equipment, plant, machinery and comprehensive technical supervision of works is carried out.
  • Quantity Certification: To establish and implement system for recording and checking of measurements of work and to certify the quantities of the work done and maintain related records.
  • Progress Reports: Prepare and submit monthly progress reports and other project documents.


It helps our clients in ensuring hassle free and quality project implementation.