Basic Engineering


Basic Engineering service is to formulate and firm up project implementation technical dimension. It has two key elements viz (a) technological consideration and (b) initiating plant engineering. In addition, various studies required for project implementation are formulated at this point. Equipped with a large continuously updated database and wide international experience, our specialists design the most optimum technological concept for the project.


  • Review/reassess the basic specifications for plant and machinery and other relevant features of the Project.
  • Prepare preliminary plant layouts and process flow sheet based on the agreed preliminary layout with the objective of keeping the capital and operating costs at the optimum level, design various systems.
  • Prepare a concept report covering system for the various plant services (Compressed air, Water storage, distribution, Plant illumination, Workshop, laboratory, fire fighting etc.).
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Process Design    
Plant Technical Concept  
Flow sheet  
Power Network    
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It involves:

  • Desk study of available data/ report.
  • Site Visit by a multi disciplinary team.
  • Kick-off meeting.
  • Initiating field studies for project implementation.


It helps in:

  • Conceptualization of project dimensions during construction and operations thereafter with higher degree of accuracy.
  • Firming up of project budgets (CAPEX).
  • Evolving tight project implementation time line.
  • Evolving framework for division of responsibility during construction.