Structural Rebar Detailing Services


  • A rebar is a common steel bar, and is commonly used in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures. It is usually formed from carbon steel. It can also be described as reinforcement or reinforcing steel.
  • Rebar detailed drawings are site fabrication drawings for reinforcing steel and are generated based on design drawings.
  • Rebar drawings provide bar shapes, diameters, length of bars, quantities which facilitate the site for speedy construction, avoiding wastages and delays.

Coverage/  Methodology:

  • Based on the design drawing requirements, each rebar is detailed showing diameter, length and shape.
  • Rebar placement is shown in detail indicating exact location, concrete cover, special method of placement, if needed.
  • We use AutoCad and Rebar Cad software to accurately detail Rebars and prepare bar-bending schedules. The schedules provide bar notation, bar diameter, the quantity of bars, the length of each bar and the weight of the bars, finally giving the overall weight for the entire set of bars within the drawing.
  • While preparing Rebar details, stock length of bars are kept in view which helps in avoiding any wastage of material.


The Structural Rebar Detailing Services have various benefits:

  • There is no need to estimate reinforcement requirement for procurement at site.
  • Avoids delays and wastage of material at site as all shape drawings are readily available and bars can be fabricated on the basis of shapes and number of bars required.
  • Requirement of anchors and laps are clearly shown in the drawings, which ensures design adequacy at the same time avoiding wastages.
  • Rebar contractor can concentrate on production of rebars.