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  • Structural Steel Detailing
Structural Steel Detailing
It covers structural steel detailing for Structural as well as Miscellaneous steel for various types of buildings & structures

Experience & Capabilities:

  • Serviced nearly 30 clients spread over 5 countries in the area of Structural Steel Detailing
  • Executed over 500,000 tons of structural steel work in a variety of buildings & structures
  • Countries covered: Canada, France, India, Japan, USA

Partial List of Projects:

Projects Capacity
Convention Center, IL, USA 30,000 tons
Airport Expansion, MI, USA 8,000 tons
Convention Center, LA, USA 5,500 tons
Pipe Racks, TX, USA 3,500 tons
Hospital Facilities, TX, USA 2,700 tons
Football Stadium, TX, USA 2,500 tons
High School, MA, USA 2,000 tons
Storage Silos, TX, USA 1,500 tons
Retail Complex, MA, USA 1,100 tons
Industrial Structure, TX, USA 900 tons
School Bldg., TX, USA 900 tons
Events Center, AR, USA 850 tons
Commercial Bldg., TX 600 tons
Recreation Center, PA, USA 550 tons
Industrial Bldg., TX 500 tons
University Buildings, AR, USA 500 tons
Church, AR, USA 500 tons
Hotel, RI, USA 450 tons